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How Shopify will kill checkouts forever

The company showed in the latest MS Edge Web Summit, an experimental checkout flow using the Payment API.

Shopify showed an experimental checkout flow using the W3C Payment API. Company CEO Tobi Lütke said the idea is to kill the checkout, and for that the company showed at Microsoft’s latest web technology event, how the future of payments will be.

In this article we explore the impact that this change brings to e-commerce, we talk about the future of payments on the web and how this can be a game changer in mobile payments.

A Unified Payment Form

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently announced that major browsers will now begin to have a unified payment method that will enable a simpler, unified web shopping experience on the desktop and other devices (official announcement).

The most interesting thing about this is that the checkout can be reduced to dust. You will no longer need to fill out long registrations to complete a purchase and everything will be unified in a seamless experience.

Shopify Experimental Checkout Example

We have captured a video of the Shopify presentation that shows an experimental example of an accelerated checkout flow with the Payment API.

Note that it takes only 40 seconds to complete the purchase:

Mobile Checkout

A bad mobile checkout experience is the reason for many abandoned carts and the W3C proposal is game changer. The shopping experience becomes very simple, fast and secure. See an example in the following video:

More safety

The Payment Request API serves as a secure bridge between your browser and the merchant who is requesting payment credentials. It also prevents buyers from entering your credit card repeatedly, mitigating the risk of data leakage.


The obstacles that exist in the checkout of many stores will soon be a subject of the past and it will get faster, simpler and mainly safer to make payments online.

It’s important to note that’s Shopify is not currently offer this checkout, it’s just a experimental checkout flow.

While this new checkout experience is not available, you can improve your store’s mobile shopping experience with Litefy PWA. Learn more.