How to Remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ text from your store footer

A common question on Shopify groups and forums is: How to remove Powered by Shopify text from footer? In this article you will learn how to remove the “Powered By Shopify” link from the footer of your Shopify store. This post covers deleting the Powered by Shopify link in the new drag and drop theme editor …

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BFCM by the numbers Shopify [Livestream]

Shopify has just launched a livestream dashboard with a realtime data about the biggest shopping weekend on North America. The dashboard shows this kind of a “World War” livestream and if you scrolls down you find some very intersting data about top categories, items bought, top selling cities and states. Conclusion This dashboard gives you …

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Facebook Messenger Introduces Customer Chat Plugin

As businesses continue to use the Messenger Platform to build experiences that facilitate connection with customers, Facebook have been working hard to make it easier than ever to improve these interactions and ultimately drive results. Introducing the Customer Chat Plugin One of the most highly requested features is the ability to extend Messenger experiences onto …

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Aliexpress – Progressive Web App Case Study

AliExpress upgrade into a Progressive Web App

Although mobile commerce is growing three times faster than e-commerce, Aliexpress has always seen the mobile web as a platform to transition a non-app user to an app user. However, this strategy did not work very well and not everyone download their app. Getting the users to install and re-engaged with the native app was challenging and …

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Shopify Live View

Shopify launches real-time traffic analytics

Shopify introduces Live View, a real-time traffic analytics. It’s available free to all merchants on all plans, on both mobile and web. If you use the online store channel, then Live View gives you a real-time view of the activity on your store. Live View includes a world map to show you where the activity on …

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How a Shopify PWA can improve your store on Mobile

Progressive Web Apps – or just Web Apps – was one of the most talked-about technologies in the famous Google I/O event, which occurred in May 2017. Since the launch of the Web App by the Flipkart in 2016, this category of apps has been widely diffused and improved, and it seems that the future …

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