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PWA & m-commerce: The perfect crush

One of the topics that most drew attention at the Google I/O 2017 (and also Google I/O 2016) was Web Apps or Progressive Web Apps. Google is one of the biggest supporters of the technology (see video below) alongside Microsoft.

In the following post we talk a little bit about basic concepts, main features and a few cases.

Basic Concept

Progressive Web Apps are websites that can be installed on smartphones, tablets and desktop without taking up space on your device and they provide an experience with the look and feel of a native app.

Main Features

One of the most important features is the ability to add the website to your home screen. You can easily access it with just one touch/click even when you’re offline with the help of Service Workers.

Service Workers

In every PWA you browse there is a technology called Service Workers behind the curtains helping PWA to run even without an Internet connection. This way you can receive push notifications, update contents on the background, among other features we love!

The Perfect Crush

The Indian giant Flipkart undoubtedly owns the biggest number. They have tripled their e-commerce customers’ time-on-site with the launch of their PWA. They achieved a 70% increase in conversions.

Other Cases

Google put together fantastic case studies on their website and these are the ones we like the most:

  1. Twitter Lite PWA
  2. Lancome PWA
  3. Ola PWA

Shopify & Progressive Web App

Our Litefy app upgrade your Shopify theme into a Progressive Web App. You do not need to be approved on any app store and you start getting the amazing benefits of the Service Workers instantly.

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