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Consumer Decision-Making Process – How to Speed ​​Up the Sale

Have you noticed how the exposure of categories can vary on supermarket shelves? I’m not referring to the inclusion or exclusion of products, but to the way they are organized. In some cases categories are exposed by brand. In others, brands are mixed and organized by subcategory. Every purchase decision goes through stages. And each category of products should …

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How a Shopify PWA can Improve your Store on Mobile Devices

Progressive Web Apps were one of the most talked-about technologies in the famous Google I/O event, which occurred in May of 2017. Since the launch of the Web App by Flipkart in 2016, this category of apps has been widely adopted and improved, and it seems that the future will be one of increasingly light and …

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How Shopify will kill Checkouts Forever

An experimental Shopify checkout flow using the Payment API was an experiment shared during the MS Edge Web Summit. Shopify recently presented a demo for an experimental checkout flow using the W3C Payment API. Company CEO Tobi Lütke said the idea is to kill the checkout. He demonstrated this by presenting how the future of …

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