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Now You Can Schedule Posts on Instagram

Instagram announced that now Facebook Marketing Partners or Instagram Partners will be able to schedule posts and do a lot more with the new API.

On the last year, the Instagram team has began the process of updating their Instagram API to the new Instagram Graph API. This change helps businesses manage their organic presence more effectively.

The new features on this API will be allowing businesses to schedule posts, view posts they’ve been tagged in and view other business profiles.

This adds to the previously introduced Instagram Graph API features like view organic insights and comment moderation. These added features allow for better content planning and secure account management, removing the need for employees to share login credentials to gain account access to insights or create a post.

How it works

The Content schedule feature is on a closed beta and Hootsuite is one of the first big platforms that’s support this feature. Another great platform is but until the writing of this article, the new features has not enabled on their platform.

The scheduling and publishing of Instagram content has been the number one request for our 16 million customers. Now, they can manage large volumes of content, multiple team members and multiple Instagram accounts with ease and security. Hootsuite is excited to partner with Instagram to make this happen.
Ryan Holmes, CEO, Hootsuite


This features can take to another level the interactions of your business with your customers. and it’s also a great time of the year to schedule your posts and plan your social media marketing.