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To promote your app you only need to share your store URL. Our Shopify PWA detects if the user is on iPhone or Android and automatically offers the app install instructions (Android devices supports install banner).
Another good way to improve the promotion of your app is to creating pages on your store with more information about your new mobile app.
Here’s a very good example of this:

You can use the Google Lighthouse to test your Shopify PWA, learn more:

Also you can test your APP using an Android device. Just open your store on your Chrome for Android and navigate. You must see the app install banner soon.

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No. You only need to insert the manifest tag inside your theme head tag again. Learn more.

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First, make sure you’re using the Google Analytics for desktop. Then go to Behavior > Events > Overview > Event Action > View full report.


First, make sure you have published your updated theme with the manifest code snippet tag. This code snippet need to be inserted inside of your theme head tag, in the line below the .

Then install test your site with Google Chrome Lighthouse Extension. The score for the progressive web app section needs to be between 80 and 100.

Also, check if the user can be prompted to install the web app on Progressive Web App Passed Audits section.

Shopify PWA: User can be prompted to install the web app

The app is still not working

Follow this video and check if the Litefy App Proxy URL is

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