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Don’t underestimate the power of product description on Shopify

Let’s talk openly: Do not underestimate the ‘product description’ field in your Shopify store – even if you have thousands of them to write. Believe me, the description must be well done! And the reason is of the utmost importance: Poorly written descriptions make customers give up the purchase and request the return of the product. On the other hand, a well detailed product description helps to boost your website on search engines (SEO).

So, in a quick way we will present tips on how to create the ideal product description that will make a huge difference to your e-commerce.

Be authentic. Always.
This is tip number 1. Do not copy and paste product’s technical descriptions from your supplier because it generally does not have an attractive text. Nor copy a text from another website – this will make Google search engine privilege your competitor as it launched the content first.

Use short and impactful sentences
Short and impactful sentences help customer make a quick buying decision.

Seduce your potential clients with benefits and start by describing the best of your products
Write down the best benefit of your product and then list the others in descending order. Questions like these may help you develop your text: What can this product do to transform the life of the customer? Why should it be purchased? How does it stand out from competitors?

Focus on the target audience
To begin with, imagine how you would talk to your ideal buyer if you were selling your products in a physical store – this makes it much easier.

Use customer testimonials
Visitors are also influenced to buy from positive reviews. People are always attracted to buy something that is popular.

Free yourself, be creative!
Run away from clichés (pre-made and common sentences) and boring descriptions. Be original and friendly to captivate customers and demonstrate your store’s personality. Let the marketer in you get out but also be careful not to be mushy with excessive appeal in the product description. Balance and ethics are everything!

Detail features
The consumer must have an exact notion of the product, so write width, height, weight, texture, duration, color, and its other useful characteristics. They are essential technical information but be careful not to be long-winded and tiring. One suggestion is to put the manufacturer’s website link.

Sell a product telling an engaging story
Do not sell only a product, sell an experience, okay? Experts have found out that consumers prefer to buy something beyond mere products, such as status, stories, experiences – something that adds more value. So use the storytelling method in descriptions to create an emotional rapport with your customers.

The power of sensory language
Sensory words that stimulate touch, taste, hearing, smell, make all the difference as they increase sales since they really involve the customer.

Too much or too little text in the description?
Ideally, you should use 300 to 3,000 characters in the description (of course you do not need to count the characters, any text editor program will show you the total amount). So, it depends on your creativity and writing style. But it is important to keep in mind that when we access a big post in a blog, for example, we do not read all the content; usually we scroll down the page identifying elements such as titles, bold sentences, images… This increases the time spent on a page, a great advantage to capture the customer’s attention.

Do not encode the title of the product image
It is important not to name the product image with a number/code, but rather to write its name, without accents, to appear correctly on Google Images. Also pay attention to the first words that go in the description of the product – they have more value than the last ones.

Use keywords
It is important that the keywords in the title are repeated in the description. This is a strong optimization action of the product page.

Limit the amount of characters in the title
Do not let the title size exceed 70 characters. This is the new limit for the display of titles on Google search results. If it goes over, Google cuts off part of the title, which gives it a disorganized look.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! A good tip is to create a checklist with the top topics you learned here so you do not get lost when describing each of the products you sell. Another valuable hint is to check which words are most searched using Google Trends.

Good sales!